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Martin Whatson
March 19th, 2021 to April 17th, 2021


Lives and works in Stamford, Royaume-Uni.

Internationally-acclaimed artists SNIK combine the creation of hand-cut, multilayered stencils with haunting, ethereal portraiture, born from a male/female dual perspective.
This traditional-craft, progressive-ethos approach has seen the duo commissioned on walls the world over; their post-industrial scenes loom large over passersby in locations as diverse as Aberdeen (Scotland), Stavanger (Norway), Miami (USA) and Hong Kong.
Away from city streets, the pair have become revered by urban-contemporary art collectors in recent years, thanks to rare releases of editions that can take up to a year to produce.

Solo shows 

2011 Delamain Arts, Nocturnal, London, United Kingdom.

2015 StolenSpace Gallery, Shadow Aspect, London, United Kingdom.

2019 The Crypt Gallery, Ephemeral, London, United Kingdom.


Group shows 

2014 The Unit, U, London, United Kingdom.
Bear Cub Gallery, The Ark, London, United Kingdom.
StolenSpace Gallery, Scope Miami, Miami, USA.
Carhartt Gallery, Public Provocations, Friedlingen, Germany.

2015 Modus Gallery, Affinity, Paris, France. 
Urban Nation x Stolen Space, Project M8, Berlin, Germany.
Blackbook Gallery, Context Art Miami, Miami, USA.

2016 Station 16 Gallery, Stenciled, Montreal, Canada.
Thinkspace x Urban Nation, Duo, Los Angeles, USA.
Station 16, Scope Art Fair, Miami, USA.

2017 Thinkspace, LAX DTW, Los Angeles, USA.

2018 Urban Nation Museum, Opening, Berlin, Germany.

2019 Urban Nation, Moniker Art Fair, London, United Kingdom.

2020 Oakland Gallery, Together, New Brighton, United Kingdom.​
Colab Gallery, Papers Please, Friedlingen, Germany.
Straat Museum, Amsterdam, The Nederlands.

2021 Mazel Galerie, Break that wall, Brussels, Belgium.
Mazel Galerie, Urban Art Fair, Paris, France