Julian Mayor


Julian Mayor

Expos à la Mazel Galerie

Exposition Collective
Vincent Corpet -
Quentin Garel -
Julian Mayor -
NOIR artist
Etienne Cail -
Valentin van der Meulen -
Bruno Timmermans
16 Mars 2019 au 28 Avril 2019
Exposition Collective
Mauro Corda -
Vincent Corpet -
Julian Mayor -
NOIR artist -
Yeo Siak Goon -
Vuk Vidor -
Pascal Vilcollet
8 Juillet 2018 au 26 Août 2018


Né en Angleterre en 1976.

Il vit et travaille à Londres, Angleterre. 

Expositions récentes (sélection)

2000 RCA gallery, like rain’ installation, Londres, Angleterre.

2001 MOMA, Personal Skies installation with Naoto Fukasawa, New-York, U.S.A.

2003 Whitechapel Art Gallery, migration video, Londres, Angleterre.

2004 Taverna Especial gallery, Moon over Water installation, Londres, Angleterre.
TDW, Moon over Water  installation, Tokyo, Japon.

2005 Nog Gallery, Clone, Londres, Angleterre.

2006 ICFF, Displacement installation, New-York, USA.

2007 Rossana Orlandi, Milan, Italie.
Modernground, Londres, Angletere.

2008 FAT Galerie, Paris, France.
twentytwentyfirst, chelsea, New-York, USA.

2009 Telling Tales’ V&A, Londres, Angleterre.

2010 Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Ospiti Inaspettati, Milan, Italie.

2011 Lik+Neon, Londres, Angleterre.

2012 Westend gallery, White, Munich, Allemagne.

2013 Rossana Orlandi at Bagatti Valsecchi, Milan, Italie.
Interart, Pays-Bas.
Museum of Art and Design, Out of Hand, New-York, USA.

2014 Design Museum, Gathering, Holon, Israël.
Armel Soyer, Parallax, Paris, France.
Armel Soyer, Parallax, Design Miami Basel, Miami, USA.
Pushkin Museum, Moscou, Russie.

2015 Armel Soyer, Design Miami Basel, Miami, USA.

2016 Dilmos Gallery, Raw Nature, Milan, Italie.
Armel Soyer, PAD Paris, Tuileries, Paris, France.

2017 Gallery Elle, Zurich, Suisse.
Galerie Flore, Bruxelles, Belgique.
Holiday House London, Londres, Angleterre.
Dutko Gallery Mayfair, Londres, Angleterre.

2018 Mint Gallery, Londres, Angleterre.


Catalogues et publications 

2007 Furnish: Furniture and Interior Design for the 21st Century by Sophie Lovell, R. Klanten and B. Meyer, Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag
Atmosphere by Hanneke Kamphuis and Hedwig van Onna, Publisher: Birkhäuser GmbH

2008 New Paris Interiors by Angelika Taschen Publisher Taschen GmbH
Virtual Aesthetics: Considering perception at the dawn of the 21st century by Simona Heuberger, Publisher: Kyrene Literaturverlag
Simply Material by Victor Cheung and Cherie Yip, Publisher: Victionary
Utopia by Emilie Sims, Publisher: Wright
Desire: The Shape of Things to Come by R. Klanten and S. Ehmann, Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag

2009 Telling Tales: Fantasy and Fear in Contemporary Design: Narrative in Design Art by Gareth Williams, Publisher: V & A Publishing
Sonhos - Dreams by Bernardo Senna, Publisher: Viana & Mosley
Bypass Yearly Publication
Limited Edition: Prototypes, One-Offs and Design Art Furniture by Sophie Lovell, Publisher: Birkhäuser GmbH
Once Upon a Chair: Design Beyond the Icon by Robert Klanten, Andrej Kupetz and Sven Ehmann, Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag

2010 Street Furniture by Chris van Uffelen, Publisher: Braun
Museo Poldi Pezzoli ‘unexpected guest’ catalogue, Publisher: Museo Poldi Pezzoli

2011 500x Art in Public by Chris van Uffelen, Publisher: Braun

2014 Highlike yearly publication